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This page shows a selection of news and events from the project The Nation and Its Other.


PhD Defense Sarah Dellmann

On Friday, 6th of February, Sarah Dellmann defended her PhD Thesis “Images of Dutchness. Popular Visual Media, the Emergence of National Clichés and the Creation of Supposed Common Knowledge about the Netherlands and the Dutch (1800-1914)” at Utrecht University.

PhD Defense Dafna Ruppin

Dafna Ruppin will defend her Thesis “The Komedi Bioscoop: The Emergence of Movie-going in Colonial Indonesia, 1896-1914” on Wednesday, 29th of April. The Ceremony will begin a 10:30 am-


Past Conferences & Events

23.10.-25.10.2014, Trier University, Trier (Germany)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium X

The colloquium is part of a series to discuss wok in the field of Early Cinema Studies. It gives PhD candidates and young researchers in the field the opportunity to exchange on methodological, theoretical and practical questions and to present their current projects. This series is organized in cooperation of the Universities of Utrecht (Department of Media and Culture), Trier (Fach Medienwissenschaft) and Zürich (Seminar für Filmwissenschaft). Also see the program.

15.10.2014. Cultureel centrum Scheltema, Leiden (The Netherlands)
Slotsymposium Culturele Dynamiek

The closing event of the NWO program Cultural Dynamics. The topic of the afternoon was “The future of cultural heritage” / “De toekomst van erfgoed”. For more information, see the website of NWO.

11.08.-15.08.2014, University of Dundee, Dundee (Scotland)
Conference: Riddles of form: Exploration and Discovery in word and image.

The conference is the tenth triennial conference of International Association Of Word and Image Studies (IAWIS). Sarah Dellmann gave a paper in the panel Science in the Twentieth Century Avant-Garde, titled “Visualized Science around the Fin-de-Siècle: Scientific Media and Scientific Images addressed through Performativity”.For more information, see the conference’s website.

12.06.-13.06.2014, Dutch National Library and Huygens Institute, The Hague (The Netherlands)
Conference: DHBenelux Conference 2014

The DHBenelux conference is a yearly event to promote Digital Humanities research in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The conference serves as a platform for the growing community of Digital Humanities researchers to meet, present and discuss their latest results and demonstrate tools and projects. Sarah Dellmann will present the paper “Digital Tools in Media History: Benefits of Interrelated Databases in Research on Magic Lantern Slides”, reflecting on methodological questions that arose in the course of her research. See the full program here.

15.04.-16.04.2014, University of Kent, Canterbury (U.K.)
Conference: The Great War and the Moving Image

At this international conference, organized by the School of History, Klaas de Zwaan presented a paper, titled “Belligerent Exhibitors: The Battle of Flushing 1914-1918”. His paper investigated shifts in audience composition, distribution patterns and film supply in the neutral Netherlands during the First World War. The case of two local cinemas in Flushing (Vlissingen) serve to show how the cinema was used to frame the war according to local preferences. The context of war confronted cinema entrepreneurs in the neutral Netherlands with new possibilities, and numerous problems.
>> For more information, see the University of Kent website.

25.09.-26.09.2014, Allard van Pierson Museum/Special Collections of the University Library Amsterdam, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Seminar and Masterclass: Early Popular Visual Culture: Dissemination Networks and Image Traditions, 1700-1914

Together with the project “Popularization and Media Strategies 1700-1900”, also funded via the NWO program Cultural Dynamics, this seminar inquired early popular visual culture from the angle of dissemination. Popular media such as catchpenny prints, magic lantern slides, stereoscopic photographs and films of early cinema served as examples how cultural products could become known to a wide range of audiences. Alexandra Franklin (Oxford) and John Plunkett (Exeter) delivered the keynote lectures for the seminar.

The seminar and masterclass were part of the program to the exhibition Sterke verhalen. Vijf eeuwen vertelcultuur (“Tall tales. Five centuries of Storytelling”) at the Special Collections of the University Library Amsterdam, running from 22.06.2014-06.10.2014.
>> See the program leaflet.

27.02.2014, Utrecht University, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
RMeS Network Event & Workshop: How do you work?

As researchers, we are trained to present the results of our research activities in conferences and to peers; but we hardly exchange information on the tools that help(ed) us getting there. This Network-day is designed to exchange on our experiences of doing research in media studies. It is organized by the PhD and RMA-Counsil of the Research School for Media studies.

For more information and registration, see the RMeS website.

27.03.-29.03.2104, Utrecht University, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium IX 

The Department of Media and Culture Studies of Utrecht University organized a workshop for colleagues who do research in the field of Early Cinema Studies. It gave PhD candidates and young researchers in the field the opportunity to exchange on methodological, theoretical and practical questions and to present their current projects.
>> Watch the event program.

30.01.2014 – 31.01.2014, Radboud University, Nijmegen (the Netherlands)
Winter School 2014 of the Research School for Media Studies (RMeS) 

This Winter school will feature different types of sessions: 1) parallel sessions for presenting your work to peers 2) lectures by members of the RMeS board and 3) a workshop on research valorization and fundraising schemes.
>> For details on the programme and to sign up, see the website of RMeS.

14.11.2013 – 16.11.2013, Zürich (Switzerland)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium VIII

The eighth edition of the Colloquium featured a theme on the topic “Pictorial Aesthetics in Early Cinema – Iconographic Traditions, Intermedial Relations”.
>> For more information, see the program (pdf).

14.11.2013-15.11.2013, Museu del Cinema, Girona (Spain)
9th Seminar on the History and Origins of Film

Sarah Dellmann presented a paper during this year’s edition of the Seminar on the History and Origins of Film in Girona. The seminar’s ninth edition was titled “Objectivity and the effects of truth. Early cinema and the realist tradition”. Sarah’s paper inquired how nineteenth-century ethnology used visual material to promote the idea of ‘national difference’ and how this tradition was adapted to travelogues of early cinema.
>> For more information, see the website of the Museu del Cinema. The conference proceedings are planned to appear in winter 2014. The programme can be found here.

06.11.2013, Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
Annual Symposium of the NWO Programme Cultural Dynamics

The annual symposium of the Dutch Research Organisation brings together researchers and project leaders from the projects funded within the programme Cultural Dynamics, funded by the Dutch Research Organisation (NWO). Arjun Appadurai, professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development delivered the keynote speech.
>> For more information, see the website of the programme “Culture dynamiek”.

25.10.2013-27.10.2013, Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham (UK)
9th Magic Lantern Convention: Past, Present and Future. 

Every four years, the Magic Lantern Society organizes an international convention with lectures and lantern shows. Lantern slide collector and performer Gwen Sebus and Sarah Dellmann gave an illustrated lantern lecture titled “This show isn’t amusing anymore – is it?”. In their lecture, they addressed the question of how to deal with historic material that displays offensive content in today’s lantern shows. If you like to learn more about this lecture, please contact Sarah Dellmann.

10.07.2013-13.07.2013, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
RMeS Summer School 2013: Audiences and users 

The Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC) organized a Summer School on Audience Research from June 17 until June 21, 2013.
>> For more information, see the Website of RMeS.

19.06.2013-22.06.2013, Charles University, Prague (Czech Rep.)
HOMER@NECS Conference 

Dafna Ruppin presented the paper “‘Waa…h!’ sounds rise from behind the screen”: Early Cinema Spaces and Multiple Spectatorships in Colonial Indonesia” at the HOMER@NECS conference. The HOMER conferences are dedicated to the History of Moviegoing, Exhibition, and Reception. The HOMER—Project was founded by an international group of cinema scholars in June 2004.
>> For more information, see the website of HOMER.

18.04.2013 – 20.04.2013, Trier (Germany)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium VII

Klaas de Zwaan lectured on political censorship in Dutch cinemas during the First World War at the Early Cinema Colloquium. His paper was titled “A Neutral Cinema? Partisanship, Censorship and Neutrality in the cinema cultures of the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies.”
>> See the programme (pdf).

25.03.2013 Utrecht University, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Utrecht Seminar for Cultural History: Historical Representations of National Types: “The Chinese” and “The Dutch” in Popular Culture’.

Sarah Dellmann and Cynthia Han were invited to present at the fifth session of the Utrecht Seminar for Cultural History. Sarah Dellmann’s presentation “How ‘the Dutch’ came into picture” investigated how representations of people in popular visual culture became increasingly described in terms of national categories in the course of the nineteenth century.
>> See the Faculty of Humanities’ website for more information.

22.03.2013-23.03.2013, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Workgroup meeting LUCERNA database

The LUCERNA workgroup’s meeting took place in Utrecht. LUCERNA is a web database on the magic lantern and its various uses. This expert meeting focused on the exchange of experiences in scholarly uses of LUCERNA and decided on the next steps for the further software development of this web resource.
>> For more information see our page with research documents.

15.03.2013-16.03.2013, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK)
Exploring modern South Asian history with visual research methods: theories and practices.

Rianne Siebenga presented a paper titled “The nautch girl in magic lantern shows and film (1870-1914)” at the conference “Exploring modern South Asian history with visual research methods: theories and practices” at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Cambridge (CRASSH). The conference investigated the ways in which visual research methods support the development of new perspectives on modern South Asian history and explored strategies employed by historians and scholars of visual (digital) culture and visual anthropology. Siebenga observed that strategies of representation differ in lantern lectures and films of early cinema.
>> See the abstract.

01.03.2013-03.03.2013, Cornell University Ithaca, New York (USA)
15th Annual Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Conference

Dafna Ruppin presented the paper “From Bamboo Tent to Cinema Palace: Cinema Spaces in the Urban Landscape of Colonial Surabaya” at the Cornell Southeast Asia Program’s Graduate Conference at the Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia. Professor Lindy Williams from the Department of Development Sociology at Cornell delivered the keynote address.

 31.01.2013 – 01.02.2013, Maastricht (the Netherlands)
Winter School of the Research School Media Studies (RMeS)

This Winter School consisted of three different sessions: 1) presentations, 2) research talks and 3) a practical session on research ethics and academic integrity.
>> Details are available at the RMeS website.

Sarah Dellmann has been nominated representative of Utrecht University in the PhD council of the National Research School for Media Studies (RMeS). The PhD council advices the advisory board on matters of education for PhDs.

15.11.2012 – 17.11.2012, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium VI

In this session, Dafna Ruppin presented a paper “From ‘Crocodile City’ to ‘Ville Lumière’. Cinema Spaces and Urbanisation in Colonial Surabaya”. Frank Kessler and Sarah Dellmann presented their intermedial and transmedial approach in their talk “Picturing the Netherlands”.
>> See the program (pdf)

19.06.2012 – 22.06.2012, Singapore (Singapore)
7th Annual New Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference

Dafna Ruppin gave a lecture titled “Archival Metadata and Cultural Heritage: Remembering the lost films of colonial Indonesia” for the 7th Annual New Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference.

18.06.2012 – 22.06.2012, Brighton (UK)
Twelfth International Domitor Conference: Performing New Media, 1890-1915

Sarah Dellmann presented a paper titled “Getting to know the Dutch. Magic Lantern Series on the Netherlands considered as relics of performative practices” at the Twelfth International Domitor Conference: Performing New Media, 1890-1915, University of Brighton.

30.03.2012, Jakarta (Indonesia)
Sejarah adalah Sekarang – History is Now

Dafna Ruppin was invited by Kineforum Jakarta Arts Council and Klub Kajian Film to give a public lecture on Indonesian National Film Day (March 30) as part of the festival ‘Sejarah adalah Sekarang’ (History is Now) celebrating Indonesian National Film Month in Jakarta. Her lecture was titled “The Arrival of Moving Pictures to Indonesia, 1896-1897”.

07.05.2012, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Book presentation Cultural Dynamics Programme

29.03.2012 – 31.03.2012, Zürich (Switzerland)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium V – Kino und audiovisuelle Dispositive: Diskurse und Praktiken. Zürich, Switzerland

Sarah Dellmann presented her research on popular visual culture before then nineteenth century in her presentation “A pre-history of national stereotypes: ‘Images of people and places’ in popular visual media until ca. 1820.”  Klaas de Zwaan gave a paper titled “The Dutch Reception of The Battle Cry of Peace”.
>> See the program (pdf)

30.01.2012 – 03.02.2012, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Winter School of the Research School Media Studies (RMeS)

The theme of the Winter School will be “Issues of Media History and Historiography”. Details are available at the RMeS website.

18.10.2011 – 19.10.2011, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Seminar: The Dynamics of Early Popular Print and Visual Media

This interdisciplinary seminar was dedicated to early popular print and visual media. It is the outcome of the cooperation of the projects “Popularization and Media Strategies 1700-1900” and “The Nation and its Other” funded by the NWO programme “Cultural dynamics”.
Experts working in academia, museums and other research institutions engaged in a discussion on methods, concepts and approaches to the study of early popular print and visual culture. In the afternoon, two public lectures were given by Professor Angela Vanhaelen (McGill University, Montreal) and Professor Alison Griffiths (City University of New York).
>> For more information see the programme leaflet (pdf)

23.09.2011, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
The symposium of the NWO research programme Culturele Dynamiek

This year’s meeting was dedicated to the topics civil society (‘burgerschap’) and cultural identity.
>> See the NWO’s website for more information.

06.09.2011 – 09.09.2011, Basel (Switzerland)
Summer School ‘History of Mediality – Medialities of History’

Sarah Dellmann presented a paper on popular images of the Netherlands at the Summer School “History of Mediality – Medialities of History” of the Basel Graduate School of History, titled “Bilder von Orten und Menschen. Zum Beispiel Niederlandedarstellungen (1880-1914)”.
>> See the full program (pdf)

01.09.2011 – 03.09.2011, Trier (Germany)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium IV 

In the fourth edition of the colloquium, Sarah Dellmann investigated meaning ascription to topographic images in her paper “Where are the Netherlands? Topographic logics of ‘places and people’ in visual mass media. In her talk “Going Local: Early Cinema Production and Display in the Dutch East Indies,1896-1897”, Dafna Ruppinpresented her approach to New Cinema History in Colonial Indonesia.
>> See the program (pdf)

27.06.2011 – 28.06.2011, UvA, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Launch event of the Research School for Media Studies (RMeS)

All staff members are part of RMeS.
>> More information

03.06.2011, Stockholm (Sweden)
Workshop: Media across Borders: Catastrophes in Early Popular Visual Culture, Stockholm, Sweden

At this workshop, Sarah Dellmann, Frank Kessler, Dafna Ruppin and Klaas de Zwaan gave a joint presentation on “Intermediality in turn of the century Events and representations”. 
>> See the program (pdf)

12.05.2011 – 14.05.2011, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium III – Research in Early Cinema

Sarah DellmannDafna Ruppin and Klaas de Zwaan contributed to this colloquium with a joint presentation and open discussion on intermediality, titled “Conceptualizing Inter/trans/mediality for Early Cinema studies”. The resulted working paper is available online (see section documents).
>> See the program (pdf)

31.03.2011 – 01.04.2011, Girona (Spain)
8th Seminar on the History and Origins of Film, Girona, Spain

Sarah Dellmann and Dafna Ruppin presented papers at the 8th Seminar on the History and Origins of Film, held from the 31st of March-1st of April 2011, in Girona, Spain. The focus of this year’s conference was “The Construction of News in Early Cinema”. A publication of conference papers is scheduled for 2012.
>> See the program (pdf)

26.11.2010 – 27.11.2010, Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Workshop: Comparative Cinema History 2010 Film Exhibition in Europe

>> See the program (pdf)

18.10.2010 – 20.10.2010, Zürich, Switzerland
The Early Cinema Studies Colloquium II – Research in Early Cinema

Klaas de Zwaan presented the outline of  his project in the paper  “Foreign Film Propaganda in the Netherlands during the First World War”. Dafna Ruppinand Sarah Dellmann presented their first ideas in their recently started project „The Nation and its Other: The Emergence of Modern Popular Imagery and Representations“.
>> See the program (pdf)

09.04.2010, Hilversum (the Netherlands)
Symposium Culturele Dynamiek

This project started in April 2010 and was first presented at the Symposium Culturele Dynamiek of NWO.
>> See the NWO Website for a report on this Symposium.